Start to the week

Don’t know about you, but my weekend was pretty big. Turned 39 and am one of those types that drag it out. Real Birthday Saturday May 18th, so in classic style, we started celebrating Friday night.

There is nothing like a big weekend to get me in the mood to kick ass at the start of the week, which is exactly what we did.

8am start at Kompact my new favorite lil place to get a serious sweat on! ROAR has now joined the team and we cover the Monday 8am Ketttlebell class and then the afternoon classes on Tuesday at 6pm. Join me for these hardcore 30minute classes.
For those that think they do not have time to workout… think again!

Find the new schedule below and for any updates go to our schedule page.

Busy week at ROAR

ROAR Fitness is going to pushed to the challenge this week! Challenge accepted. Director of ROARbarre & fitness will be teaching over 20 classes between The Canggu Studio 15Fit and Kompact this week teaching a combination of Barre, strength training and Hiit between Berawa, Umalas and the Canggu area.

Find details below for all classes that include: The Canggu Studio classes Brazilian Body and BootyFit – which will have you sweating through this challenging strength exercises, using a combination of weights, barbell and body weight. Kettlebells and Cardio Grind down at Kompact. If you cannot make it to The Canggu Studio for Brazilian Body, don’t worry we will be at 15fit this afternoon and Thursday at 4.30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you join in on the pumping sweat sess that is ROARbarre & fitness this week!

Bali Barre Babes at The Canggu Studio

Since setting up the ROARbarre30 and Barre Burn programs at The Canggu Studio last year, we haven’t looked back.. or looked better!

From tourists to expats we see a variety of women, and the occasional man, jumping into our classes. Barre is a safe workout for all, not only it is challenging but also fun.

Many women, myself included, have fears of getting bulky from lifting heavy or over-training. As much as PTs and fitness professionals deny this is going to happen, you only need to look at a female CrossFitters body and a Barre babe to see the results. Results are real ladies and gents!

If you haven’t been to The Canggu Studio, home to Barre Burn, Barre Strength and ROARbarre30 as well as many different classes from dance to boxing to yoga, you need to pop by and try for sure!

With a diversity of classes and instructors from across the globe, you will understand why this is the most popular studio in Canggu.