The last month I seem to be getting hired more and more to teach Yoga. Out of all the type of classes I have been teaching over the last 7 years, this is the one I have been moving away from. But I like to listen to the universe and ride the waves the life sets you up on… see where it goes.

So with an open mind and just my pure roar honesty I went along for the ride. Putting in the usual amount of love into my sequencing, playlists and and of course giving all my attention to the clients.

Between the 1-on-1 sessions, medium sized yoga retreats and large wedding parties I’ve met clients from all around the world and it’s been roarsome!

A recent clients feedback really stuck in my mind – he said he really enjoyed how my style of teaching Yoga had a fitness focus to it – When I correct my verbal and physical cues will be made with getting the most of the poses or movement physically.

This is something I had not realized I did, but it makes sense. I am a fitness trainer first and for most, and I am happy that this has naturally translated into my yoga – it was an authentic and natural transition.

And so… ROARyoga is born!

With focus on the physical aspect of yoga with a ROARsome touch, dynamic flows, fierce poses and great music. As always get lost in the beat, follow your breathe and get strong where you are today….

….coming soon to a studio in Bali

Online training for yoga, fitness and barre available.

Fitness for all

Clients that take my classes often comment on how much the love the following:

  1. How challenging the class is
  2. The pace of the class
  3. The music
  4. My energy

These are all things I pride myself on – all of which I work at. Every morning – like today I am up around 5.30am – I get a fair bit of personal admin and work done in that time – from ordering items on Tokopedia to prepping my music for the classes that day. It is still dark outside and often my pets are not even awake. I’m not a night owl so I don’t really feel comfortable in the dark to be honest.

Since working in the fitness industry I have taken my personal style of training in the gym into the group class format – sharing my passion and love for training to the clients. I absolutely love my job, have no desire to teach a class like anyone else (what would the point of that be!?!) and I really put my focus in those who are in the room.

I am not saying I invented the push up (I still prefer to do them on my knees), or own the rights to a Goblet squat (I have recently been accused of “copying other instructors classes) but my style of teaching (aka cheerleader) and programming (which I spend a morning to try and test) all comes from me.

Right now I have just put together a killer Hiit workout for my PWRcardio class this morning and have some banging tracks for those coming this evening to Grind Cardio and Kettlebells tonight.

I am more then happy for you to follow my playlists and share the love of my music if you are into it – if you are an instructor – it is yours too! Happy to share my routines, music and love for fitness for all!

28day Challenge

Some people take life too seriously, and sometimes people don’t take it seriously enough. I think I will always have a bit of a child-brain, I still think rebels are cool, I love banging house music, especially from my Ibiza days 2000-2001 and I still live with my mother (I’m 39!)

Recently I posted about my “balance” an extreme version of balance – working hard, playing hard – I think most of us know where that leads!

So to completely contradict my previous “balance” blog, I have decided to join the “One Year, No beer” movement, with their first challenge of 28 days sober. In the last 10 years or more there have been times I have not drunk for 4 months up to a whole year no booze, nothing special there right?  Well, I try again.

For me drinking gives me the worst hangover ever, which makes working and Monday morning miserable, I black out, which is totally pointless to lose time when time is so precious and I eat like a pig the next day.  So I take back what I said, what might work for someone, is not working for me.

I leave Thursday for a 2 week trip in Paris, yes there will be wine, but I won’t have any, yes there will be a wedding, I’ll dance without the champagne, never needed it to dance anyway.  Here is to 28days – NO BOOZE. It’s not a big deal but is coming at an odd time, summer, weddings, holidays.

Today I am enjoying my first Monday hangover free in 9 weeks, and ya know, it feels fantastic! If you can deal with hangovers, then bully for you! At 39 years old, my body is just saying NO! And to finally accept that, and accept this small challenge… I feel pretty damn free!

Contact me when you are ready to commit to a regular fitness program that you can commit to, it might be scary, damn sure this is, but what have you go to loose..

Studio classes on until Thursday, 11am at The Canggu Studio will be my last class until July 9th 2019.

Bali Retreats

Everyone comes to Bali for a retreat, and for those that live and work here, we still take some much needed time out and join a retreat.  From silent retreats to fitness camps, to detox programs, we got it all!

I have tried them all at one stage or another, between the UAE, Indian, Thailand and Bali, I’ve cleansed, toned, starved and explored new health and fitness fads old and new.  From keeping my mouth shut to self-administered daily colonics, I’ve certainly pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.

Nowadays, I approach health and fitness with a back-to-basics mentality.  My goals for my clients (and myself) comes down to the more simpler rules: be active every day, listen to your body and rest when you need, eat when you are hungry and don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy life.  That simple.

My ROAR Fitness programs can be found around Bali but our real goal is to build the ROARsome retreat programs.  We are looking to collaborate with those venturing here to detox, or retox/detox 😉

This week I was lucky to have three new bookings with a variety of clients. A wedding party looking for some group yoga, a barre fitness retreat from Tasmania and a fun group from Singapore celebrating a 50th birthday in style, Bohemian Rapsody. themed party!

This gave me the best opportunity to create a diverse program for all groups.  Why not see what ROAR can bring to your birthday, wedding or retreat when you come to Bali? Contact us for program details and how we can bring a little bit of ROARsome fitness to you!

UAE Press 2019

It is always nice to keep in touch with those back at “home.”  Not many people know this but I am from the UAE.  Although my family are originally from India, “we” moved to the UAE 100years ago to set up a family business, Jashanmals Department store.  Hence, why Dubai will always be home.

Dubai was not the playground that it is today back in the 80s, long before the western world really knew where Dubai was, I called, what back then was a quiet family place, home.

After my 8 years stint in New York working in the fashion industry on projects with Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and with cool alternative brands, I moved back to the UAE.  Establishing myself firmly in the early days of the growing fashion industry. Going back now I feel old, both fashion and fitness are being ruled by the 20 something-year-olds, but I am glad my audience has grown with me, thank god for that hey?!

Having left “home” and calling Bali home, I still keep strong ties with the Gulf and was honoured this month to be featured in Emirates Woman magazine.

Emirates woman-101_Life_Jet set copy.jpg

If you want to know more about what is is we at ROAR do, send us an email.  We can bring some ROARsome classes to your villa, or join a group fitness class with us here in Bali.

Happy Monday all!

Buffi from ROAR