The last month I seem to be getting hired more and more to teach Yoga. Out of all the type of classes I have been teaching over the last 7 years, this is the one I have been moving away from. But I like to listen to the universe and ride the waves the life sets you up on… see where it goes.

So with an open mind and just my pure roar honesty I went along for the ride. Putting in the usual amount of love into my sequencing, playlists and and of course giving all my attention to the clients.

Between the 1-on-1 sessions, medium sized yoga retreats and large wedding parties I’ve met clients from all around the world and it’s been roarsome!

A recent clients feedback really stuck in my mind – he said he really enjoyed how my style of teaching Yoga had a fitness focus to it – When I correct my verbal and physical cues will be made with getting the most of the poses or movement physically.

This is something I had not realized I did, but it makes sense. I am a fitness trainer first and for most, and I am happy that this has naturally translated into my yoga – it was an authentic and natural transition.

And so… ROARyoga is born!

With focus on the physical aspect of yoga with a ROARsome touch, dynamic flows, fierce poses and great music. As always get lost in the beat, follow your breathe and get strong where you are today….

….coming soon to a studio in Bali

Online training for yoga, fitness and barre available.

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