Fitness for all

Clients that take my classes often comment on how much the love the following:

  1. How challenging the class is
  2. The pace of the class
  3. The music
  4. My energy

These are all things I pride myself on – all of which I work at. Every morning – like today I am up around 5.30am – I get a fair bit of personal admin and work done in that time – from ordering items on Tokopedia to prepping my music for the classes that day. It is still dark outside and often my pets are not even awake. I’m not a night owl so I don’t really feel comfortable in the dark to be honest.

Since working in the fitness industry I have taken my personal style of training in the gym into the group class format – sharing my passion and love for training to the clients. I absolutely love my job, have no desire to teach a class like anyone else (what would the point of that be!?!) and I really put my focus in those who are in the room.

I am not saying I invented the push up (I still prefer to do them on my knees), or own the rights to a Goblet squat (I have recently been accused of “copying other instructors classes) but my style of teaching (aka cheerleader) and programming (which I spend a morning to try and test) all comes from me.

Right now I have just put together a killer Hiit workout for my PWRcardio class this morning and have some banging tracks for those coming this evening to Grind Cardio and Kettlebells tonight.

I am more then happy for you to follow my playlists and share the love of my music if you are into it – if you are an instructor – it is yours too! Happy to share my routines, music and love for fitness for all!

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