28day Challenge

Some people take life too seriously, and sometimes people don’t take it seriously enough. I think I will always have a bit of a child-brain, I still think rebels are cool, I love banging house music, especially from my Ibiza days 2000-2001 and I still live with my mother (I’m 39!)

Recently I posted about my “balance” an extreme version of balance – working hard, playing hard – I think most of us know where that leads!

So to completely contradict my previous “balance” blog, I have decided to join the “One Year, No beer” movement, with their first challenge of 28 days sober. In the last 10 years or more there have been times I have not drunk for 4 months up to a whole year no booze, nothing special there right?  Well, I try again.

For me drinking gives me the worst hangover ever, which makes working and Monday morning miserable, I black out, which is totally pointless to lose time when time is so precious and I eat like a pig the next day.  So I take back what I said, what might work for someone, is not working for me.

I leave Thursday for a 2 week trip in Paris, yes there will be wine, but I won’t have any, yes there will be a wedding, I’ll dance without the champagne, never needed it to dance anyway.  Here is to 28days – NO BOOZE. It’s not a big deal but is coming at an odd time, summer, weddings, holidays.

Today I am enjoying my first Monday hangover free in 9 weeks, and ya know, it feels fantastic! If you can deal with hangovers, then bully for you! At 39 years old, my body is just saying NO! And to finally accept that, and accept this small challenge… I feel pretty damn free!

Contact me when you are ready to commit to a regular fitness program that you can commit to, it might be scary, damn sure this is, but what have you go to loose..

Studio classes on until Thursday, 11am at The Canggu Studio will be my last class until July 9th 2019.

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