Bali Retreats

Everyone comes to Bali for a retreat, and for those that live and work here, we still take some much needed time out and join a retreat.  From silent retreats to fitness camps, to detox programs, we got it all!

I have tried them all at one stage or another, between the UAE, Indian, Thailand and Bali, I’ve cleansed, toned, starved and explored new health and fitness fads old and new.  From keeping my mouth shut to self-administered daily colonics, I’ve certainly pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.

Nowadays, I approach health and fitness with a back-to-basics mentality.  My goals for my clients (and myself) comes down to the more simpler rules: be active every day, listen to your body and rest when you need, eat when you are hungry and don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy life.  That simple.

My ROAR Fitness programs can be found around Bali but our real goal is to build the ROARsome retreat programs.  We are looking to collaborate with those venturing here to detox, or retox/detox 😉

This week I was lucky to have three new bookings with a variety of clients. A wedding party looking for some group yoga, a barre fitness retreat from Tasmania and a fun group from Singapore celebrating a 50th birthday in style, Bohemian Rapsody. themed party!

This gave me the best opportunity to create a diverse program for all groups.  Why not see what ROAR can bring to your birthday, wedding or retreat when you come to Bali? Contact us for program details and how we can bring a little bit of ROARsome fitness to you!

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