UAE Press 2019

It is always nice to keep in touch with those back at “home.”  Not many people know this but I am from the UAE.  Although my family are originally from India, “we” moved to the UAE 100years ago to set up a family business, Jashanmals Department store.  Hence, why Dubai will always be home.

Dubai was not the playground that it is today back in the 80s, long before the western world really knew where Dubai was, I called, what back then was a quiet family place, home.

After my 8 years stint in New York working in the fashion industry on projects with Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and with cool alternative brands, I moved back to the UAE.  Establishing myself firmly in the early days of the growing fashion industry. Going back now I feel old, both fashion and fitness are being ruled by the 20 something-year-olds, but I am glad my audience has grown with me, thank god for that hey?!

Having left “home” and calling Bali home, I still keep strong ties with the Gulf and was honoured this month to be featured in Emirates Woman magazine.

Emirates woman-101_Life_Jet set copy.jpg

If you want to know more about what is is we at ROAR do, send us an email.  We can bring some ROARsome classes to your villa, or join a group fitness class with us here in Bali.

Happy Monday all!

Buffi from ROAR


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