Sometimes I am a massive yogi

On my Yoga Teacher Training, I think I offended half the students with my desire to start a new style of Yoga “F U Yoga” not as an aggressive form of Yoga (as it sounds!) but more a dig at the overly serious and pretentious Yogis that we see nowadays.

I started doing yoga when I was in my early teens.  My family are from India and for many of my relatives, it was part of their daily routine.  Yoga was something I saw my family doing, it wasn’t cool or hipster, they didn’t post about, weren’t in fancy  “active wear” – it was something they just did, part of their religion and part of their lives… and so I followed.

In my late teens, I visited family in Pune where I also stayed for my first Yoga retreat.  It was basic, authentic and simple. We were served traditional Indian food, had simple rooms and did a lot of yoga, meditation and enjoyed quiet time. I took my paintbrushes and canvas, some reading and got in touch with my quieter side.

I go back and forth with both yoga and meditation, only really coming back to it when I am invited to teach at a retreat or cover a class.  I find yoga the most intimidating class to teach – feeling a bit of a fraud, a bit of a fish out of water, which is strange, considering it was my great aunt that got me into it 30 years ago – It should feel natural to me.

This weekend I found my “yogi,” I felt strong, confident and happy in my Yoga teacher brain, with 8 lovely non-judgemental clients.  Invited to teach at a visiting retreat in Bali from the BurnTheory I welcomed the challenge with open arms and as usual, put together a thoughtful sequence appropriate for the beginner group.

The class was held in the beautiful Villa Breeze in Pereranan yesterday afternoon.  The students were open-minded and welcomed my madness.

Leaving the happy group, it is moments like these remind me there is a little bit of yogi inside of me.  If you want to see a more gentle side of me (only a little bit), fancy being challenged a little bit, and would enjoy a no-fluff style of class I am available for hosting the yoga at your retreat or next holiday here in Bali.

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