Weekend Fitness

ROARing into the weekend after a successful week shooting with WannaTrain and welcoming new clients across all the studios we host ROARfitness programs at.

Bali is a great little spot for young growing fitness business and there is an exciting buzz – which feels organic and genuine. From the new collaborations – coming soon – to current projects – which will be revealed once projects have been completed.

This morning was a great opportunity to connect with some of the Yogis on the island. Stepping out of my comfort zone but still keeping the focus on giving the clients the best experience possible – it was a huge compliment to know that all Yogis left having learnt a new tricks – happy I pulled that Bird of Paradise out the bag!

Find your balance this weekend – whether it is balancing on one leg with the other up in the sky – or if it is having fun chasing the Happy Hours into the night.

Tomorrow with another weekend full of private clients and yoga retreats I am looking forward to perhaps teaching some new tricks.

Have a fantastic weekend!

ROAR fitness health xx

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