ROAR Fitness Training

This morning I taught a wicked Barre class.

To be honest, it was a hard morning to get to work. I suffer from BOB (Burn Out Buffi) – I put so much love into my classes, give me a mic, put me in front of an audience and I think I’m Lady Gaga. Fine, I kindda look like her too so that helps (see stalker video who is sure of this on youtube 😉

I don’t just teach group fitness because I like to be center of attention, like telling people what to do and like being in control of the music – all great perks of the job but it goes beyond that.

Above all, I love to teach! I love to create an experience for clients, where they enjoy the class, are able to work hard and therefore reach their goals. I put 150% effort into this.. for you.

I regularly get great feedback from clients – and it is those moments when I am doubting myself, my career choice (which burns me out regularly, not because of energy it takes to teach, but because of the energy I put into the class) someone comes along and reminds me why I do it. Or in fact, several people.

Today Leila, a hardcore client of mine, who has a killer body anyway, but trains harder then anyone I know, was proud to admit that she has “seen serious results,” she then goes on to show me her strong defined legs.

She didn’t stop there, but suggested I do exactly what I want to be doing: “you should be training other instructors your way of teaching.” So this is my goal – I want to create and brand the “ROAR Fitness” programming and way of coaching. ROAR is fun, strong and seriously results orientated. I am not selling you a gimmick, or a magic fitness program, but a way of teaching and creating classes that will keep your clients motivated, focused and a little bit entertain.

Contact me for more information – lets make this happen!

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