Secret to strength

There are a little more then a few things that I have learnt over the last 20 years that I have been working out (maybe a little bit more!) and today I would like to share them. Nothing crazy new, but sometimes it is good to get a little reminder.

Here is goes, nice and basic; when it comes to working out my advice is to:

  • Work on your weaknesses
  • Enjoy it!
  • Listen to your body
  • Be consistently irregular

Work on your weaknesses

Having been teaching group fitness (barre, yoga and strength) now for over 7 years, I consistently play around with class format, sequences and style of teaching, music tempo etc. From 80s Barre to my PWRbody and PWRcardio formats (if you have not done, please try, you will thank me for it after!) as well as my stretch-meets-yoga-meets-strength style of flexibility classes. I like to challenge clients, teach them something new and of course, keep it fun.

Above all I like to help clients with their weaknesses and aim to give as much of a hands-on approach in a group setting that is possible, my clients acknowledge and appreciate this. Focus on your weaknesses to build over all strength and correct alignment to avoid injury. Where and when you can it is worth having some personal training – with me of course yes 😉 -to figure out these areas.


Cannot stress enough how important it is to pick a sport or program you enjoy. You do not have to love what everyone else loves, you will never keep it up. I have tried it!

I have followed the crowd and jumped into CrossFit, everyone else loved it so I should to right? A year of being injured, stressed out about the level of the classes, and never really enjoying it, I moved onto a year of gymnastics, again: not my fitness goals or dreams. Don’t tell anyone, but I couldn’t give two shits about doing a handstand. I know, I’m a terrible fitness trainer! Then there was dance, I love the idea of being a great dancer – but the thing is, when I take a class, I just wanna work out hard! Im not patient enough to learn a sequence – and that is just me.

Listen to your body

Listen to your body.. cos I am sure as hell not smart enough to know how you feel. If you are overly fatigued, take a day off. If I push you too hard in a stretch, you need to tell me, I won’t know otherwise. Push yourself within your limits. Everyday is different so don’t be so hard on yourself, as long as you do your best, and you know you have, then there is nothing else you can ask for.

Be consistently irregular

This might not work for you – but I love to mix it up. I’ve never been one for labeling myself into a style of fitness. I am not a “yogi”, but yeah, I do and teach yoga, I am not a “swimmer”, but yeah, I swim now and then and enjoy it. I am not a hardcore weight-throwing buff chick, but come to one of my Kompact Kettlebell or GrindCardio classes and you’ll think otherwise. Everyday I do something different. Fact. In a day I’ll teach 3-5 different styles of classes, and everyday I’ll take a class outside of teaching to learn something new, challenge my body in a different way and to keep it interesting.

If you fancy trying something new and fun.. I have got just the class for you! Join us next Wednesday, May 29th 2019, 5.15pm for our 3rd 1980s Barre-obics! I’ll be dressed up, and mixing up your usual Barre Strength class with some seriously awesome 1980s #aerobics choreography! Contact us today to find out more about the class! **Best dressed wins 3 free ROARfitness classes at The Canggu Studio.

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