‘Energy & Coffee’ is the new ‘Bad Boys & Whisky Binges’

In New York in the noughties I prided myself on being a fun, out-going crazy party girl. I started my 8 year journey in the East Village way before there was a Duane Reade on every block, moving my way through most the boroughs in Brooklyn.

When I got to Williamsburg in the mid ’00s, most people were still too scared to cross the bridge to come to my house parties. Understandably so, the outside steps to my flat in Bed-Stuy was home to drunk homeless folk. These were my neighbours. And, yes, I had to walk over them coming in and out of the block whatever time of day it was.

My shared apartment with creative roommates, one in TV, the other in real estate. Both of whom I rarely saw, making it feel like my own space. Our top floor railroad apartment, which if you don’t know what that is, then this is why every live in one should live in NYC at least once, had entrances on both ends of the hall, again making this place feel like it was totally mine. Right below us was the conveniently placed liquor store, decked out with the plastic 1inch thick bullet proof windows from where we ordered.. yes reassuring for sure 😉

That is a small intro to life in the Big Apple during my 20s. Living on little, enjoy the full and colourful world of the city, all times of the day. During that era, I was in fashion. Getting involved in super cool projects, including creating costumes for Lady Gaga, the Victoria Secret Fashion and styling gigs for Gwen Stefani and BUST magazine.

We grafted, worked hard, partied harder.. and ok at times turned up to work with sunglasses on having crawled straight out of the after-hours parties or just not turning up at all. We were 20.. thats what you do right? And if you didn’t I’m sorry, cos you really missed the boat and I certainly do not suggest you behave like this in your 30s or 40s. You will get told to grow up, if not by me but then who ever you are pissing off at work.

Ok, hold up, this blog intro is seriously taking us too far from the point of this post… So I’ll move on (note: if you would like to know more about NYC, do send us a message!)

‘Bad Boys and Whiskey Binges’ was the book I was planning on writing before Storey Publishing house contacted me and asked me to write what became the DIY dress-making book Make It, Own It, Rock It . Out of all the wonderful things I have achieved through my hard-work and determination, this is something I am least proud of. Yes my vibes I sent to the universe to “become an author” were answered (and yes Thank God it was not my 20 year old memoire)… But I failed to deliver. I actually lost all confidence with this one dream, and count this as an absolute failure. Again, this is another blog… I’ll wrap this up folks..

In New York, along with other wild things going on in my life, I joked that I lived on Bad Boys and Whiskey Binges (I am sure you got that). What I live on now, over 10 years later, is a combo through out my work day that includes Energy Balls and Coffee! Sounds far less exciting but that is what happens when we grow up! And perhaps maybe I should write a book about it…?

Most of my clients ask how I keep my energy up with 4-6 classes most days, and this is my secret. You guys asked and now I am bringing ROARfood to you. So, keeping this nice and simple, contact us at roarfitnesshealth@gmail.com if you would like to order some of our home-made energy balls. Available for those in the Canggu, Berawa and Umalas area only. Have a lovely healthy start to your week! And see you at The Barre soon.

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