Healthy Eating

At the beginning, I tried to do everything myself with my little #ROARsome business. Mornings teaching #barre, #yoga and privates in the afternoon, evenings catching up on admin. Most of my weekends were spent prepping #roarsomefood, my healthy food pick up service, for my regular clients. But sometimes things are better left to the experts. Say hello to the 6-day #THRIVE meal plan for those here in Bali! My weekends are free, and planning my weekly meals is a thing of the past.

I am going to avoid using “diet” when talking about food. I have done my fair share of the D word over the last 20+ years. From a very young age my weight fluctuated going as low as 41kgs up to 63kgs. At 5’9″ my body is happy and healthy at 59kgs. Anything less, I cannot sleep, I am over-exhausted and find it hard to focus. Anything more and I just feel uncomfortable, I know my body.

Turning 39 next week, I am finally enjoying life being a little kinder and a little more patient with myself, my goals and of course, that damn thing that controls so many of us, body image dysmorphia.

Any of those times I have been on a “diet”, experimented with various weight loss trends, from Weight Watchers to Keto to quitting all sugar (the list goes on) I have often felt starved, tired, obsessed with food and meal times. Being obsessed with food, gym and weight can be exhausting, and this extreme behavior often ending with going extreme in the opposite direction at some point or another.

So in a bid to break the habit I agreed to try the new #THRIVE meal plan from 15fit and Cafe Couscous.

Not going to lie, at the beginning of the week the portions felt small. I was embarrassed to admit to myself how I was probably eating about 4 times that amount per day. I cheated here and there, adding extra egg whites to the vegan food or a cheeky sweet treat, just ‘cos I was “being so good.” Come the last few days, I finally adapted, I was feeling full of energy, without the hunger pangs I used to experience.

With three daily meals and two snacks per day, I clearly wasn’t going to starve. In fact, the #THRIVE snacks taught me it was okay to snack! And showing me what a true snack size portion should look like. Teaching between 3-6 classes 5-6 days a week, yes I am probably more active then most. This is good news! The portions are ideal for most, and is honestly a great way to learn about quantity when it comes to filling your plate.

I have clients that continue to use #THRIVE meal plans regularly, and myself and others go on it once a month just to get back to real portion sizes which easily get out of hand as the month goes on.

If you have thought about fixing up your diet (woops, I said it!) and not sure where to start, I highly recommend #THRIVE. Put your money where your mouth is, and do this one thing for yourself this month. Contact Cafe Couscous for full details.

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